Cody Fornari

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Fornari is responsible for overseeing projects from acquisitions to completion. With over 8 years of real estate experience, being directly responsible for over $500 million in real estate acquisitions and managing 200+ real estate projects across the United States he has a unique ability to keep projects on time and budget. Mr. Fornari specializes in Cost Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Finance, Optimization, Land Use/Zoning, and Management.

Prior to joining Realtex Mr. Fornari worked as a national project manager and acquisitions analyst for 643 Capital Management. 643 Capital Management is a real estate investment, operating and management platform focused on both debt and equity investments throughout the United States. Mr. Fornari was responsible for underwriting acquisitions, valuation of national assets, performing market research and analysis throughout the US, managing construction projects across the US and coordinating and training acquisitions and management teams across 643’s US markets.

Mr. Fornari holds a California Real Estate Brokers License, has passed the Series 63 exam and is currently studying for the CFA.