Boris Fadeev


Mr. Fadeev is the founder and President of Realtex, Inc., a private real estate development company based in San Francisco, California. Mr. Fadeev has over Twenty Five years of experience in real estate development from acquisition to completion and oversees the company’s success through his strong leadership and creative approach. His expertise ranges from mixed-use apartment building to luxury condominiums and resorts.

Prior to moving to San Francisco with his wife and daughter. Mr. Fadeev was a real estate developer in Moscow, Russia where he oversaw the completion of over 180 master plans and directed the development of millions square meters of real estate. Some of his most notable projects include Neglinnaya Plaza, a 75,000 square meter mixed-use development and Kutuzovskiy Prospect, a 36,000 square meter residential development.

Mr. Fadeev holds an M.S. in Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.